iPhone 8 in 2023. Is it worth buying?

In 2023, the iPhone 8 remains a smartphone with a 6-year history. You might consider buying it primarily due to its price – at around 500 PLN, it’s the most affordable way to experience the iOS system and the Apple ecosystem (AirPods or Apple Watch). But is it still worth purchasing this model?

The iPhone 8 was introduced on September 12, 2017, alongside the iPhone 8 Plus and the revolutionary in terms of design, iPhone X. It’s also the last iPhone sold with a white front (in gold and silver versions). Later models like the SE 2nd and 3rd generations are available only with a black front, which aims to visually enhance the device by minimizing the noticeable bezels around the screen. The iPhone 8 is water and dust resistant. It operates on the A11 Bionic chip, just like the iPhone X. This model received an update to iOS 16 in 2022, but unfortunately, it won’t get iOS 17 in 2023.

iPhone 8 in Practice


Keep in mind that it’s challenging to find a 6-year-old phone in good technical condition. Many offers involve iPhones with non-original, poor-quality replacement batteries or screens. Another portion of offers consists of worn-out models – batteries below 80% health, cracked screens, scratched cases. You need to hunt for good deals. I bought my unit for 130 PLN, which was a great deal. It’s scratched and battered, visible only on closer inspection. It likely had a non-original display replacement, and the battery health is at 83%. The proximity sensor doesn’t work either, so the screen never turns off during calls, and brightness doesn’t adjust automatically. However, it’s not bad considering the price 🙂


I have good news – iOS 16 runs smoothly on the iPhone 8, as expected on iOS. There’s nothing to complain about, and there’s no sign of any system lag. The only downside is that iOS 17 is coming soon, and unfortunately, the iPhone 8 won’t receive updates for it. However, this doesn’t mean that apps will stop working, as most of them still support even iOS 13.


It’s undeniable that the battery in this model is weak. You have two options – either accept frequent charging twice a day or replace the battery at an authorized service center (around 300 PLN). I chose the first option – I always keep my iPhone connected to a charger at home and carry a power bank when going out. Realistically, with around 80% battery health, I think the phone can last a day with very moderate use.


I describe the camera as good and sufficient. On a sunny day, you can capture truly beautiful shots, but in the evening and on cloudy days, it’s less impressive, requiring some effort. You can take nice photos with this camera, but it requires some skill and effort – it’s not as “out of the box” as the newer models equipped with features like Night mode. On the other hand, the front camera is simply weak, and I have no excuse for it.

Why did I switch from the iPhone 11 to the iPhone 8?

I have a fondness for iPhones with a physical button below the screen. In 2016, with some of the first money I earned, I bought myself an iPhone 5S and was fascinated by it! A few years later, I got an iPhone XR, then an iPhone 11, but it wasn’t the same anymore – large sizes, an uncomfortable grip, a monotonous front with just a screen and a notch. I longed for the times when phones weren’t just rectangular glass slabs and differed in appearance. However, I also wanted to have all those technological novelties, so I had to use newer models.

Recently, I realized that I don’t need all those new features. In an article about compact cameras, I wrote that today we have great cameras with multiple lenses in our pockets, yet we take mediocre photos that we don’t even look at later. The days of cameras producing blurry images are long gone, so even a 6-year-old smartphone can take better photos than the latest iPhone 14 Pro. What does “better” mean? More thoughtful, with atmosphere. Not necessarily better in terms of technology, but does that really matter? In photos, the most important thing is memories and conveying emotions.

Another aspect is the size and design. The iPhone 8 is super handy. It’s a small and comfortable smartphone. Yes, it also has a small, 4.7-inch screen, but I see an advantage in that as well. If you notice signs of smartphone addiction in yourself, using social media on the iPhone 8 with its small screen and weak battery is less convenient, so you’ll do it less often. It worked for me.

The third point is the price. You can get this phone today for a fraction of its original cost, and it still offers all the conveniences of the Apple ecosystem:

  • Apple Pay
  • iCloud
  • iMessage
  • Integration with a MacBook
  • Connection with AirPods
  • Connection with Apple Watch

Is it worth buying the iPhone 8 in 2023?

Yes, it’s worth it! It’s still a great smartphone, but you need to be aware of its limitations. I think this model will work well in the following scenarios:

  • Second phone, for example, a work phone or a digital detox phone for weekends. If you need a second phone but don’t want to lose access to Apple services (like Apple Pay or AirPods), the iPhone 8 is still an excellent choice.
  • First iPhone if you have a limited budget and aren’t demanding. If you’re okay with the charger and power bank becoming your best friends and you don’t have a problem with a 4.7-inch screen – go for the iPhone 8. This phone still operates very fast compared to, for example, my mom’s Redmi Note 8.

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